• Duration: 2 Days

The sleepy town Sorata sits at the base of the mighty Illampu mountain, a spectacular location. If you are not visiting it with a trek or climb, you should consider making a visit. This 2 day trip takes in the highlights in and around the town.



  • Depart La Paz in transport to the town of Sorata, descending from 3,850m to 2,700m altitude.
  • Lunch in the hotel, followed by a walking tour of the town and surrounding area


  • A morning's walk to the San Pedro cavern, of particular interest for its underwater lagoon where one can see blind fish and bats.
  • Return to Sorata in time for lunch.
  • Transport back to La Paz


Did you know?

There are villages on the road to Sorata where Spanish is hardly spoken and the only language understood is Aymara.