Set Departure Dates

We are able to accommodate treks and climbs on the dates which suit you (providing our guides are available), whether you are travelling on your own or are part of a group. We also however, have a number of fixed trip dates for our more popular climbing routes for people keen to join up with other climbers on the mountainside. The service is similar but as you will be part of a group, the cost for you works out less. Group sizes are minimum 2 and maximum 10 (but still with a maximum client:guide ratio of 3:1). If you would like to join one of our group departures, please contact us and specify which peak and date you would like to sign up to.

Please note, if there is just one person on a departure date, we will still run it, but would have to charge you 50% more (we will keep you posted well in advance if that is likely to be the case). All prices are in US$ dollars and are per person.

ClimbingDuration / daysPrice US$ Set Dates 2019
Introduction to Ice Climbing 1 110.00 6th, 20th 3rd, 17th 1st, 15th, 29th 12th
Pequeño Alpamayo
3 340.00 7th, 21st
5th, 18th
2nd, 16th, 30th
Huayna Potosí 3 340.00 10th, 24th 8th, 21st 5th, 19th 2nd, 16th
Illimani 4 715.00 14th, 28th 12th, 25th 9th, 23rd 6th
Sajama 4 755.00   2nd 7th


6 Day Mountaineering Course 6 875.00
10th 8th 12th