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Meet the Staff

Our staff, both administrative and guiding, have many years experience planning and leading trips and expeditions of this type. We hope that all contact you have with any of us, before, during and after your trip, helps to make your experience as enjoyable and unforgettable as possible.


These people will be heading any trip we run onto the ice. As you will see they are extremely highly qualified and experienced. As we are a specialist organisation, we will only run as many expeditions as they are able to run, we will NOT contract guides from other sources to lead expeditions. As such you should make any booking with us well in advance to ensure the availability of the dates you would like.

Felix Huarachi - UIAGM Certified Guide

Felix began enjoying the mountains at the age of 24, and took part in his first formal training with a team of German Alpine instructors in 1990. His list of ascents includes that of accompanying ex-president Jorge Quiroga on Illimani.

He also has trained and worked in mountain rescue - both on rock and ice - and has worked as an mountain rescue instructor for the Military Geographical Institute of Bolivia.

He has completed the ENSA mountain training course, and was certified as a UIAGM guide in 2005.

Cecilio Daza Quispe - UIAGM Certified Guide

Cecilio is one of the most qualified local guides in Bolivia. In 2000, at the age of 26, he took part in a mountain course organised by ENSA in Bolivia, and then moved on to gaining the IUAGM aspirant guide title in 2005. His skills and abilities clearly stood out in that last course, as he was offered a scholarship to travel to Chamonix in 2007, and was sponsored to become qualified as a full UIAGM guide at that point.

He  has since guided many delegations from embassies and other diplomatic entities throughout the ranges in Bolivia, and we are delighted to have him as part of the team.

Pedro Mamani - Leading Mountain Guide

Pedro has been leading groups for Bolivian Mountains since 2005 and is one of our most sought after guides, if you have the strength to keep up with him! Having climbed practically every named peak in the range (as well as many which do not have names) you are in great hands with him.

Jose Mamani Quispe - Leading Mountain Guide

A qualified mountain guide, Jose has worked in the mountains for the past 9 years. He is the younger brother of Gregorio and Eduardo.

He has completed courses from the National School of Ski and Mountaineering of France (ENSA), the Club Andino Boliviano, the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports (FEDME).

He has worked with the Spanish and US embassies as a mountain guide, and currently spends about 50% of his waking life on the mountainside!

Julio Choque - Leading Mountain Guide (UIAGM Aspirant Qualification)

Julio grew up in the community of Chukura in the Choro valley surrounded by the Andes - the perfect playground to pick up his skills. He began his work within the expedition field working as a porter for various agencies during the 1990's and moved up to mountain guide in 2000 after completing his basic training. Since then he has attended several courses in order to expand his knowledge and experience, including a course run by the French mountaineering institute ENSA (Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme).

He has worked with Bolivian Mountains since 2004, initially as assistant guide and more recently has led a number of successful expeditions as head guide (including a hair raising traverse from the peaks of Illampu to Jancohuma - madness!).

He is currently preparing for his international guide certification. An extremely sought after guide amongst Bolivian agencies, we are delighted to have secured his services.


Besides the head guides, we have a huge network of local assistants, cooks and porters. Their formal training is not necessarily quite as extensive, but the fact that they have grown up in the very same mountains and valleys we are trekking and climbing in gives them an unequalled knowledge of the areas.


It is essential to have a strong logistical support behind all wilderness expeditions and this work should not go unrecognised.

Miriam Centellas - Managing Director and La Paz Coordinator

Miriam studied tourism at university and has since worked in the Bolivian travel industry for the past 10 years. As secretary for the Club Andino Boliviano for a number of years, her experience arranging and overseeing remote expeditions grew immensely. This post also means that she has been working alongside the Mamani brothers (our three principal leading guides) for many many years.

She speaks English, French and Spanish and you will no doubt have some contact with her once out in Bolivia.


Bolivian Mountains has the benefit of international backing which has helped to further consolidate its reputation greatly.

John Packer - International Liaison

Jonathan had the good fortune to join a team of Bolivian guides on an expedition to Huayna Potosi in May 2000 and has kept in close contact with them since. He has been out into the mountains of the Cordillera Real countless times now with these guides and is extremely confident of their experience, ability and conduct with people of all levels of skill and experience. It is for this reason that he is working with them in this company.

He is likely to be the person you will deal with by email before departing for Bolivia. He has led and organised expeditions for a number of organisations over the past decade and has an accumulative experience of nearly 20 years working and travelling in South America. If you have any questions regarding these trips or any other area of travel within South America, you should not hesitate to ask his advice.