The Cordillera Real offers ice walking and climbing expeditions from one day to two weeks (and beyond), and can accommodate any level of experience from complete beginners to seasoned climbers. The following options are a selection of the more accessible climbs from the city of La Paz. Due to the fact that all routes involve extreme altitudes (from 5,000m to 6,452m above sea level) you should allow at least five day's acclimatisation at altitude (above 3,300m) for routes below 5,500m and at least a week with preferably a lower climb or trek for higher routes.

BOLIVIAN MOUNTAINS will provide high quality technical equipment (ropes, harnesses, ice axes, plastic boots & crampons), together with food and tented accommodation. All other equipment is your own responsibility, although you will be able to rent it in La Paz if you prefer.

Please note, the following itineraries are best case. Weather, fitness and reaction to altitude may lead to changes to camp spots or even routes.

As always, please contact us if you are interested in a more specialised or tailor-made itinerary. Our Team of guides have climbed every named peak in the country (and many which do not have names as well) so we will almost always be able to accommodate you.