• Duration: 1 Day

A beautiful journey to Bolivia's only official ski resort. Although skiing is nearly never possible there now due to the receding snowline, it is an prime spot to appreciate the city of La Paz and surrounding mountains. Also a good acclimatisation trip.


  • Depart La Paz in private vehicle and take the 2 hour journey to Chacaltaya.
  • The vehicle will take you to an altitude of 5,300m which is where the ski station is based.
  • We will then take a short trek (approx 1 hour) to the top of the mountain - 5,500m - from which you have a 360 degree panorama of the mountains, altiplano and the cloud forest - an awesome view.
  • Return to hotel.

Did you know?

Chacaltaya is Aymara for "cold bones"!