Although the success of a climbing expedition depends on a number of factors - quality transport, equipment, good food and favourable weather (!) - we feel the key element is the quality of your guides. It is for this reason that we pay the utmost attention to the formation and level of experience of our mountain guides.


Bolivian Mountains is one of the few companies in the country which can provide guides with international qualifications, from the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA). This means that, for groups planning to take on more technical routes or mountains, we are able to say with confidence that we can offer the some of the highest levels of training around to ensure a safe time on the mountain.

National Qualifications

Although not all our guides have international accreditation, we demand, as a minimum, that our head guides have the national mountain guide qualification, which also requires an extremely high level of training. This may seem like an unnecessary thing to say, that our guides are trained as guides, but as there is little control as to who can lead groups up the mountains here in Bolivia, it is not always guaranteed. It is not enough to just know the route, as you never know what may happen on the ice, you need to be sure that the people taking you up there can know how to deal with extreme situations.


Besides the formal training, extensive experience of the mountains in the Cordillera Real is just as important. The majority of our guides grew up in the mountains and those who are from La Paz have been climbing from an early age. Furthermore, regular internal training courses are held to ensure all are kept up to date with new techniques and the latest situation on the mountains.

If you choose to go climbing with Bolivian Mountains, you can be assured that you will have the highest levels of experience going with you. If you choose to go elsewhere, do make sure that you ask the relevant questions to ensure the same.