About Bolivian Mountains

Bolivia is a country of endless cultural and natural attractions. From the cool, crisp air of the altiplano to the hot, humid atmosphere of the Amazon basin, there exist climates to represent all four seasons simultaneously throughout the entire year. Tiny, deserted villages, bustling metropolises, ancient indigenous communities, the list goes on and on. Above all though, Bolivia is home to one of the most varied mountain ranges in the world - the Cordillera Real - with trekking, climbing and ice climbing to appeal to all levels of interest and expertise.

BOLIVIAN MOUNTAINS specializes in high altitude, mountaineering, climbing and trekking expeditions in the Cordillera Real de los Andes - the mountain range surrounding La Paz, Bolivia. Our services are second to none, we boast a team of some of the finest, most knowledgeable, most experienced guides in the country (including the Mamani brothers, members of the Club Andino Boliviano and leading members of Bolivia's mountain rescue service).

Whether you are looking for a tailor-made package for your visit to Bolivia or merely wish to ensure that your time on the mountain-side is organised with quality and expertise, you should take time to study our range of options - to enjoy the photos if nothing else - and contact us with any further questions or to make a reservation.